One Day Workshop

Achieving Balance and Happiness: Using Bach Flower Remedies for You and Your Pets

Discover how Bach Flower Remedies can help balance your emotions and reconnect with your inner self for a healthier, happier you. Learn how you can use the remedies to help you and your pets overcome fear and anxiety.

Date: Sunday 9 July 2023

Time: 10 am to 5 pm

Course Fee: $300

Venue: 338 Changi Road, #01-05, S419977



Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner | Animal Practitioner

A veteran of the healthcare industry and pet parent of 3 senior fur kids, Siew Leng embodies the meaning of holistic wellness for both humans and animals. As a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and Animal Practitioner, Bach Flower Remedies has helped her live her best life. Now, she wants to help you live yours! You too can help your loved ones and family lead a healthier, happier life with the Bach Flower Remedies.

What you'll learn:


You will have a broad overview of the Bach remedies commonly used for humans and pets. You will also discover how to use the "crisis" formula during emergencies.


You will gain a deeper understanding of the remedies through real life case studies and exercises.


You will experience a hands on session to mix your own remedy bottles for yourself and your loved ones. You will learn how to select the right remedies for your emotions.

“I tried what Siew Leng has recommended, it is really a miracle, I feel more calm, relaxed and happier towards what I am doing. Most important it helps my insomnia, it has been a long time I can sleep so well throughout the night”Serene N

“ And for each of the flower extracts she picked out for me, it accurately depicts what I am feeling and the healing effect for my negative emotions. Overall, I find the Bach Flower remedies that Siew Leng concocted for me have created a positive impact to my life. I am learning to take life each day as it comes and enjoying every moment and its positivity"Emily C

What are Bach Flower Remedies and how can it help you?

The Bach Flower Remedies was developed by Dr Edward Bach, a well known doctor in the 1930s. There are 38 flower remedies in the Bach system and each remedy is associated with a basic human emotion. Taking the remedies helps you overcome your fear and face it with courage. Dr Bach believed that our emotions play an important part in our physical and mental health. In the same way, the remedies can help your fur kid with their emotions like anxiety and fear.

Are the remedies the same as essential oils?

The remedies are not the same as essential oils. The Bach flower remedies are made using the sun or boiling method where heat transfers the energy of the flowers to the water. The energised water are the remedies and is safe for use for everyone, including infants and children.

Are the remedies safe for use in fur kids?

Bach remedies can help your fur kids in the same way they can help you. You can learn to select remedies for your fur kids, knowing that is a gentle system that will not harm them.

"Kai did well for 4 weeks with her remedies. She no longer panics and lunges at other dogs when I bring her out for a walk."

- Jodie R

"Junior is terrified of thunder and would panic and hide whenever it rains. I tried using the Bach remedies you recommended. She is calmer now during thunderstorms "

- Atsuko

"Any Fido that is afraid of thunderstorms, I guarantee that this rescue remedy really works."

- Wenda L

"My dog has aggression issues. I have selected some remedies for him. He is more settled and not as defensive as before. "

- Jaclyn T

"My dog sleeps better and is putting on weight."

- Carol T

"I had so much fun at the workshop. I learnt how to better manage both my emotions and my dog's emotions too"

- Wendy W

"My daughter is no longer fearful of going to nursery school one week after taking the remedies."

- Vani

"My 16 year old dog had dental surgery and was fearful and anxious after she returned home. The remedies helped to ease her anxiety and she slept soundly after that ."

- Cindy L

Achieving Balance & Happiness: Using Bach Flower Remedies For You & Your Pets

Sunday 9 July 2023, 10am to 5pm